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4112 Death metal
Guldfasanen(DK )
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BLOOD EAGLE is a death metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, comprised of members coming from bands such as VOLBEAT, MNEMIC, HATESPHERE, ILLDISPOSED, RAUNCHY and THE PSYKE PROJECT. Formed in December 2010, but officially surfaced in 2013, the metal media has glorified the band as a 'supergroup'. According to the band, there is nothing super about it, other than their good friendship and love for old school death metal.

The band raised traction on the internet when they Christmas evening (2013) released their 3-song EP for free download. The band recorded in total 5 songs with Tue Madsen at the Antfarm Studios in April 2012, but chose to release only 3 of them. With the release the following message was shared throughout the internet:

"We firmly believe in music being as free as possible, unlocked, shared and spread.

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