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NIGHT RIOTS : New Song "Don't Kill The Messenger" available

Published :  26.09.16   2072

"Don't Kill The Messenger", a brand new song from NIGHT RIOTS, can be streamed below.
"Night Riots" is out 21.10.2016 on SumerianRecords!

"Night Riots" Tracklist:

1. Introduction: Ego Sum In Colubrum
2. Nothing Personal
3. Fangs
4. Contagious
5. Work It
6. Interlude I: Manus Loquimini Veritatem
7. Don't Kill the Messenger
8. Breaking Free
9. All for You
10. Tear Me Apart
11. Interlude II - Ego Flos Sum Luna
12. Pull Me Down
13. Everything Will Be Alright
14. End of the World
15. As You Are

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nightriots
Twitter : https://twitter.com/nightriots


night riots

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