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A DYING PLANET - Hope for Tomorrow (official video)

Published :  30.08.21   19458
Third single from the forthcoming A DYING PLANET album "When the Skies Are Grey" out September 17th, 2021 on Lifeforce Records.

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"Hope for Tomorrow" Lyrics

Don’t let your light grow dim
Don’t let it fade into the distance
Aspire to be free 
Bask in Serenity

A change of perception
Channels clarity
Encouraged through love 
Reflections of memories

To ease the pain, consume this feeling 
Healing, healing the mind and soul

Are we living or are we lost?
On and onOn and onOn and on…

If we can find a way…
To see another day…

We keep holding on…

Chasing this feeling…
Chasing this feeling that heals and ensures you
Peace and hope…

A white light 
Shines down upon you through all that surround you
A bright light
Of love that enables you to heal and guide you
(Are we living?
Are we lost?
Are we living on and on?...)

If we can find a way…
To see another day…

We keep holding on…

Let the light surround you, protect you
Heal your soul…

Exhale slowly, neutralize the feeling
Free yourself, find your way, see another day…

We keep holding on…


A Dying Planet

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