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As It Is - I MISS 2003 (Official Music Video)

Published :  09.11.21   20451
As It Is - “I MISS 2003”
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I’ve been feeling old and out of context, and if I’m really being honest, I miss everything I had at sixteen. Now I’m feeling miserable at best; I guess that’s what you get when your dirty little secret is how I miss the year that gets me. So tell me that you’re alright, ‘cause I’m not okay. I left the best of me in 2003. Now life is boring, let’s write a story where we never grow up - still four in the morning, singing New Found Glory at the top of our lungs. I’m in the middle of a crisis. Welcome to my life, no I don’t think that I like this. I can’t believe I got this jaded. I remember singing to The Anthem; my friends were the best, wish I knew it when I had them, ‘cause now it’s kind of complicated. I’d drive through every red light just so I could press rewind (we’ll go back in time). So let me kill the headlights, maybe if we close our eyes (we’ll go back in time).



As It Is

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