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As It Is - The End (Reimagined)

Published :  08.11.19   13887
From the album 'The Great Depression: Reimagined'
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Nobody’s listening,
straining our lungs to be heard.
Nobody’s listening,
losing our way in these words.
I spill word after word,
like blood down my shirt,
tarnished and stained forever.
But you only heard the words,
not the hurt,
and absent of pain,
they don’t mean a thing.
I taste every mistake each morning I wake,
a breathtaking blur of colour.
But I’m crystal clear in all you hold dear,
locked to your chest;
it means that I’m desperate for the permanence to wash away indifference.
Is there not some equivalent to pacify the pain?
Crying in unwelcome ears,
swallowed into perfect fears.
What’s the use in firing flares if they don’t mean a thing?
Am I awake,
or am I asleep?
Is this the end or just another dream?
How can you tell when you can’t feel what can’t be seen?
But, oh my god, is it real.
Because I don’t need you to see this,
and I don’t want you to feel this,
but I only have so much spark to offer in all of this darkness.
And I screamed for you until the day I gave up and lost my voice,
so with crimson arms and this broken neck you fucking tell me who made this choice.
This is the end.

#AsItIs #TheGreatDepression #TheEnd


As It Is

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