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As It Is - The Haunting (Reimagined)

Published :  08.11.19   13888
From the album 'The Great Depression: Reimagined'
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He wanted you,
did you want him to?
When demons keep you up for weeks,
you beg for sleep.
He wanted you,
did he force you to?
This system doesn’t sell the truth,
so death to youth.
Can you hear me?
You die to dream,
and you dream to die.
It’s haunting.
You run away to feel alive.
You worship him,
did he lead you in?
When idols give you peace of mind then cross the line.
He wanted you,
did he force you to?
When evil sinks its poisoned teeth,
there’s no relief.
(Another tragic lullaby)
Can you feel your sister staring at your grave?
Would you take it back if you could see her face?

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As It Is

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