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As It Is - The Hurt, The Hope (Reimagined)

Published :  08.11.19   13889
From the album 'The Great Depression: Reimagined'
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Another drink,
another smoke;
I let them burn inside my throat,
like a bully bleeds from his knuckles out in a darkened room,
quiet and alone.
Because we all need to feel release.
Because we all want to be at peace.
All alone,
I’ve lost the hope that I’ll find myself again.
There’s a heart so cold within me,
it feels like February.
It doesn’t hurt,
but I know it will.
You’ll see me again even darker still.
And an early grave weighs me to the ground where I gently rest,
quiet and alone.
Despite all the pain,
the tears and the rain,
it’s got to get better.
No matter how lost,
no matter the cost,
it’s got to get better.
The infinite fall,
the distance I crawl,
it’s got to get better.
And maybe I’m wrong,
but I pray that I’m not,
it’s got to get better.

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As It Is

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