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August Burns Red - Three Fountains

Published :  03.04.20   15170
August Burns Red - Three Fountains
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When you forget who you are you don’t just lose yourself. You become like everyone else. We let our past put us down. We know how to swim but soon we bury our head and drown. A man living in hell dying of thirst on his way to the well. What’s wrong with the world? There’s so much rage. Two words, “I AM,” would begin a new age. With the truth on our lips we see the change coalesce. Without an end there’d be no place to begin. Without a trial you are convicted. Pain seems to rain on the afflicted. Here’s to the rebels. Here’s to the rejects. Here’s to the ones who fight gravity. You realize how wrong you are when you’re 30,000 feet in the air.
This world we see is not flat or square in the air.

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August Burns Red

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