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Bethany Neville // Radio [Official Video]

Published :  25.06.20   15971
Bethany Neville | Sydney | Australia

Alternative | Electric | Pop | Indie | Rock

Track: Radio
From the album: Rest In Peace | 2020

Album available now at:
Shop Sliptrick: https://slptr.com/slp444
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3aqdFbJ
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/34SAbZU

Band links:

Label: Sliptrick Records


Radio is about the internal experience of someone living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Which is a disorder caused by trauma in early childhood, basically it is a severe form of PTSD.

The term ‘radio’ in the song is referencing how an individual with this disorder hears the voices of alters inside their head and has no control over making them quiet. An alter being an altered state of consciousness within the same body.

These separate identities have a job of keeping the mind and body safe by hiding memories that would cause pain to the individual with the disorder. These parts are unable to integrate into a singular personality in childhood.

Dissociation becomes the normal with people suffering with this condition. Escaping into a well developed maladaptive daydream that’s been continued since as far back the mind can remember with other identities who’s purpose is to keep you safe.

Radio was filmed with the help of many of Bethany’s friends taking part in the video.


Bethany Neville

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