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BILLYBIO - One Life To Live - (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Published :  29.11.21   20620
Taken from the album "Leaders And Liars", out March 25, 2022.
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BillyBio - One Life To Live (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records
The title already says it all. ONE LIFE TO LIVE is a call to action, it inspires standing up for what is
right. BILLYBIO's unmistakable ’in your face’ vocals, hard hitting drums and unrelenting guitars grant the song the typical hardcore sound the Boston born, NY raised and L.A.-based musician is known for best! It epitomizes the PMA (positive mental attitude) Graziadei lives by!
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Music & lyrics by: Billy Graziadei
Produced by: Billy Graziadei
Mixed and Mastered by: Tue Madsen
Recorded at Firewater Studios, Los Angeles, CA https://www.firewaterstudios.com/
Directed by Antoine Combelles and Vincent Jacob
Graphics by Gabby Vessoni
S/O to @_7777777j for the tattoos

Where ever you go, go with your heart
With out it you're fucked from the very start
Follow the dream no matter how big it is
And shoot for the stars, you can always grow into it!

I won't stand here and be force fed lies
It's time you pack your shit and go
I don't wanna live my life compromised
By others who seek control

Stand and fight for your rights
It’s our lives that we live
Stand tall and hold your own
It’s our dying breath to give
One life to live

Public servants do nothin but lie
When they smile and gleam with snake eyes
Surrounded by evil, we're led astray,
Easy to loose with one foot in the grave

If you have a lot of heart inside
Strong souls will never loose
Keep your feet solid in your shoes
And you can go where ever you choose
On your own, you know what you know
You decide where you can go
Put the future in good hands
And take care of it like your own
With my dying breath i'll stand
And scream for what is right
Let your voice be heard

#SickOfItAll #Biohazard #AgnosticFront #Madball #H2O #Hatebreed #PMA #standup #Hardcore



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