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Clint Lowery - Kings (Official Music Video)

Published :  01.11.19   13843
"God Bless The Renegades" available January 31st! Pre-order the album here: https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/renegades

I’m coming out breathing fire. You gotta love the thieves and liars. They’re hanging on every word. We’re tearing down the walls inside. We’re waking up with dirt filled eyes. Everyone knows it, goes on and on and on again. Break it, break it to see you can take it. Take it from me you can make it. Cause I’ll be right by your side. I’ve been through hell just for this. I’ve had my say, I found my way. Even though I came down for it. We’re dying at the bottom, but we lived like kings. I’m fighting off the angry hearts. They tear apart the things we love. I know you want blood, you can't hide it. The worst part, we needed. The darkness, we feed it. The scars that you see, you know that it’s better to bleed.

Directed by @maxmoorefilms
Director of Photography - Nate Spicer

#clintlowery #kings #godblesstherenegades


Clint Lowery

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