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Cold Collective - Don't Break Me

Published :  30.11.21   20678
Cold Collective's song "Don't Break Me" comes from their new album 'Weathervane' - Out now. Buy/stream at https://riserecords.lnk.to/weathervane

Lay my body down lay it lay lay
I want to hear you make a sound say it say
I want to know if you’re still mourning over me

Danny said when we were kids
People change but it is what it is

I was sure that we were golden
But now I see your erosion
But that was before and now it’s the morning of a new me

I’m holding back a dream
Always holding back a scream
I’m too young for my hands to shake
If you want you can lean on me
When you’re too drunk you can lean on me
What did you want me to say
Don’t break me

When he’s not around you stay
This doesn’t feel anything more wrong I say
If a song was what you wanted I’ve said my piece

Follow the only road you know
Legs walk free of emotion
Never to show her where you’re going
At least you’re in a free country baby

#ColdCollective #Weathervane #DontBreakMe


Cold Collective

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