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Cold Collective - Glue/ Ghost

Published :  30.11.21   20681
Cold Collective's song "Glue/ Ghost" comes from their new album 'Weathervane' - Out now. Buy/stream at https://riserecords.lnk.to/weathervane

I used to be the glue now I’m the ghost
You hide from the truth you love what you stole
And I’m becoming translucent blue
And all I see is green and yellow

Probably ready to go
You don’t know
Probably ready to go
But don’t know

Half who you think I am
Let it go
Some half who you probably shouldn’t be
Let it go
And half the time I tell you that I’m fine
I’m probably lying
Inside something’s killing me

I’m half who you sank into, you should have swam
I’m half who you shrink next to cause you’re just scared

The sound bleeds through
You hide what you know
Still what’s the use
If it fits like a glove
I’ve become entranced with you
Looked before you leapt to fall through
Cause I just can’t stand to see you
Go through the way that you want to

#ColdCollective #Weathervane #Glue/Ghost


Cold Collective

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