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Crown The Empire - hologram - acoustic

Published :  10.07.20   16125
Crown The Empire's acoustic version of "hologram" comes from their new album '07102010' in celebration of their last 10 years! Available now at https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/07102010

Through your eyes I fight for gravity, a place to stand, and a place to breathe
When the walls begin to shake in the home you thought you know
Will you run? Will you stay? Will you choose?
Do you know who I am? I’m so afraid you’ll never understand
There’s a part of me still lost out there, and I just want to know
Am I becoming a hologram?
Close your eyes from the darker side of things
A shade of grey hidden under sheets
Now I think I’m worried that I’m in too deep like a phantom that you’ll never see
So I just want to know am I a part of the hologram?
Shadowed in time, another road redefined

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Crown The Empire

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