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DISTANT - Cryogenesis feat. Lochie Keogh (Official Lyric Video)

Published :  15.02.21   17376
Track: Cryogenesis
Album: Dusk of Anguish
Year: 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Featuring guest vocals by Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf


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I’m drifting away
My soul is dancing in this torturous slumber
Connected with the worlds of pain
The writhing roots are sinking into my flesh

The reminiscence of the past
Puts me to sleep
Cherish me now , in the arms of the void
Take me away

Let us descend now, into blind world
Ice-cold flames may light our path

I feel nothing

I don't remember falling asleep but I don't seem to have woken up.
The cracks in my bones make a welcoming home for the rapacious, noxious rust.
And in the silence sewing my eyelids shut
If you're there I can't feel you
And in the silence life lost its vibrance
I'm not here anymore.

The deafening silence surrounds me for eternity
My omnipotence is harvesting the hate within
For I grow stronger every moment of this offering
The final ascension is upon me

The manifest of the immaculate tyranny
Looming over the false havens
The years of suffering
Open the glass casket inside of me

Fractures of my shattered will
For all the aeons I’ve been trying to chase
Finally shape into one fitting piece

I don't remember falling asleep but the tops been spinning non stop.
The cracks in my bones make a welcoming home for the rapacious, noxious rust.
And in the silence, sewing my eyelids shut.
If you're there I am not.
The silence, please no more silence.
I can't take anymore

Witness the bloodline that I define

Scorching thy rememnants in the endless abyss
Your soul is burning in the ice-cold flames



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