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False Memories - "Erased" - Official Music Video

Published :  16.11.20   18529
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Video created by Twilight Studio.

Music by Francesco Savino / Rossella Moscatello - Lyrics by Rossella Moscatello

Vocals recorded by Andrea Seveso at Ivorytears Music Works, Somma Lombardo, Italy
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Davide Tavecchia at Twilight Studio, Senago (Milan), Italy

Engineered by Davide Tavecchia
Produced by Francesco Savino


Is what the mind
creates the bare truth,
Or is it just what we want to see?
What does hide a man's broken eyes?
The mirror has no face
It does not show what you want to see
The scars don't lie about your past!

Lost among the brambles of this madness
I've got lost in the caves of my mind
Wandering into nothingness
And nobody sees me
I am erased

In the crowd, some breathless eyes
They lie frightened in silence
They feel no pain
But the absence.
The snow can falls so slowly
The soil has never been so cold

Lost among the brambles of this madness
I've got lost in the caves of my mind
Wandering into nothingness
And nobody sees me
I am erased

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the release of Italy's False Memories label debut, "The Last Night Of Fall". The band traffics in a gothic, doom metal style and joins the label's expanding, diverse roster of metal bands.

1. Black Shades
2. Rain Of Souls
3. Voices
4. Hysteria
5. The Illusionist
6. Erased
7. White Crows
8. Unfaithful Dream
9. Sea Of Nothingness
10. Deep Breath
11. Don't Forget

Rossella Moscatello - Vocals
Francesco Savino - Guitars
Moreno Palmisano - Guitars
Gianluca Zaffino - Bass
Emanuele Cossu - Drums


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False Memories

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