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Grayscale - King of Everything

Published :  26.08.21   19452
Grayscale - “King of Everything”
From the new album ‘Umbra’ | AVAILABLE NOW
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If I could, I’d turn your water into port wine
Feed your soul up to the brim, build you your own shrine
Sew my veins into your arms, feed you my bloodline
Anything that I could do to try to rewind

The smell on your blankets, yeah, even that’s fading away
Been keeping eyes for your signs but there’s none to find today

Yeah, you’re still a part of me
See the life you threw away
Wedding bells and silver rings
No more pain and suffering
So go be the man you want to be
All stand for honoring
Played our heartstrings perfectly
Cheers to the king of everything

Chalice spilling, sex and dreams, ecstasy blind
Dionysus, loved indeed, the king of good times
Let me serve you inner peace, just try to unwind
Tom, I see you’re missing teeth, say, are you alright?

Just trying to build myself back up but I’m stuck beneath the weight
I’m holding on to nothing and that’s hard for me to take

“I just feel like I couldn’t keep up”

Cheers to the king of everything

#Grayscale #KingOfEverything #Umbra



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