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Grayscale - Light

Published :  26.08.21   19447
Grayscale - “Light”
From the new album ‘Umbra’ | AVAILABLE NOW
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Summer in her light-yellow dress with big dreams, she was going to be an actress
Told me about it all on our mattress
So young, didn’t know what we had then
Brevity, hanging on every word said
Blankets, desert lights over our heads, yeah

And I wish there was a way that I could make you feel the way I feel
But you’ve been moving on just like the seasons while I’m standing still

Now you’re gone, I can still taste you on my lips
You’re the stain that remains on my fingertips
Can’t turn you down, can’t put you out
Honey you’re the light to my cigarette
You’re the rush of blood that I think I need
Running through my veins like my nicotine
Can’t turn you down, can’t put you out
Honey you're the light to my cigarette

Hearts they never heal in a straight line
Twelve weeks since you had to go and break mine
Sinking here like a stone
Sad to say, yeah, I know
It’s dark here, spinning deep into my head
Tell me that this ain’t how it all ends
Don’t know where the time goes
I’ll run to you with eyes closed

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