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Grayscale - Motown

Published :  26.08.21   19454
Grayscale - “Motown”
From the new album ‘Umbra’ | AVAILABLE NOW
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You tease like Paris heat in July
Chlorine and summer dreams swimming in your eyes
Drive to you all night long, all night long
I’m coming through right now, pick up the phone
I always thought we’d find a way but not today until she says, “why we waiting?”

Now she’s begging me to go down
She’s staring at my soul now
Legs shaking, driving with my hair now
She’s singing to the Motown

Now we’re moving to her floor now
I know we’re being too loud
Temptations playing in the background
She’s singing to the Motown

You feel like Brooklyn streets late at night
Dirty with harmony, all intertwined
I want you biting my tongue and holding on
You’ve got those rose gold lips, phenomenon
I always knew that we’d get here someday, let superstition play, no more waiting
Why we waiting?

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