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Grayscale - Over Now

Published :  26.08.21   19449
Grayscale - “Over Now”
From the new album ‘Umbra’ | AVAILABLE NOW
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So insane we got this way
Remember falling for each other? Dreaming in every color?
It's not the same, it’s all turned to gray
I’m praying
Drag me underwater, I can’t lose you any longer

Need your love again, let’s start anew
And baby I’ll cut my teeth, cause all I have is you
Tell me, am I someone you’re not afraid to lose?
Can’t stand to see you with another, no

Sick of me running my, running my, running my mouth
Don’t tell me I’m too loud
Hear me out, hear me out, hear me out now
‘Til this really goes down
Live out our old parade before you bring the rain
Hoping you’d come around, come around, come around
But it’s over now

Still feel you in our old room
Bed sheets floating all around me, like spirits that are haunting
Out of bloom, me and you
But I still hear you in the wind chimes, feel you in the sunrise

Need your love, I thought we’d start anew
And baby you cut me down when all I had was you
I guess that I’m someone you’re not afraid to lose
Missing us as lovers, no way that I’ll recover, no

#Grayscale #OverNow #Umbra



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