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Grayscale - Without You

Published :  26.08.21   19451
Grayscale - “Without You”
From the new album ‘Umbra’ | AVAILABLE NOW
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I don’t hate you, I just don’t care anymore, no
It’s indifference, it’s that feel when you don’t feel at all

I’m dodging your calls, I’ll let you bruise
I’m watching you spin all out of tune
Hoping and praying I don’t run into you
How could I find love in a car crash? I was pinned down with my hands back
I’m finally

Without you
Yeah, I can feel the rush in my veins again
I can love the crazy parts of my brain again
Now I’m cruising in my seaplane through a velvet haze, overtop a strawberry maze
Without you I can hear the sweetness again

I don’t blame you, I just don’t want any part at all
What’s the point when all you want is to hear yourself talk? So go on...

I slept through it all
I missed the view
I’m breaking apart from what you do
Grateful, elated I won’t end up like you
How do you find peace in the payback, when the light’s gone and it goes black?
I’m finally

Without you
Yeah, I can feel the rush in my veins again
I can love the crazy parts of my brain again, and again, and again
And I’m better off than I’ve ever been
Without you I can hear the sweetness again

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