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Grim Comet - Dig Up Her Bones (Official Audio)

Published :  13.09.19   alternative rock hard-rock metal rock stoner rock 12982
Grim Comet returns with a different sound, way more catchy. Rocker than ever and more personal. 9 new tracks that take us from the most classic Rock to the 90's Grunge, through Garage sounds & progressive influences. This is “Afterlife” and you are going to hear more about it. Don't miss this! Release date: 25/10/2019

Preorder "Afterlife" on:
AGR Online: https://artgatesrecords.com/store/index.php?id_product=140&controller=product&id_lang=35

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/es/album/afterlife/1479403284

Amazon: https://www.amazon.es/After...


Grim Comet

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