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Heptaedium "I'm The Great Herald Of Misery" (Official Audio - 2018, Apathia Records)

Published :  17.05.18   7918
« The Great Herald of Misery », out on May 25th.
Get LP : http://apathia.link/heptaedium
Bandcamp : https://heptaedium.bandcamp.com

HEPTAEDIUM is an artificial child of a world in ruins, maintained in its artificiality by multinationals trying to conquer space. Shaped by technology, it has implanted genes of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, VILDHJARTA or MASTER BOOT RECORD.

Out of his infected incubator, the metal cold as death, the kid is a creature in the image of his time. An offshoot more human, with the body that jerks and the mouth that opens on ...



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