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HIDEOUS DIVINITY - The Deaden Room (Lyric Video)

Published :  04.10.19   brutal death metal death grindcore death metal metal 13324

Italian death metal force, Hideous Divinity, will release their fourth full-length album, Simulacrum, on November 8 via Century Media Records. Today, the band release the single "The Deaden Room", along with a lyric video.  

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio (16thcellarstudio.com)

The new album, Simulacrum, will feature ten original songs delivered with jaw-dropping technical finesse, as well as two covers, Machine Head’s “Blood Of The Zodiac” and Mayhem’s classic “Cursed In Eternity”, as bonus tracks on the digipack CD (which will also be included in the LP edition). Pre-order here.

The artwork was again created by Vladimir Chebakov, who also did the cover for Hideous Divinity’’s last album, Adveniens.


Beautiful, lascivious
Silence breeds depravity
Vacuum-sealed velvet, so red
Precognition of blood
Lust enduring
I never thought this dead dream would have lasted
so perfectly damaged
For now the cycle repeats, revealed through the static 
Its witness standing tall

First step into the deaden room
Celebrate the needle, taste the poison blindfolded
craving for the surface as he goes

Don’t look back for your demons
their voice rumbles weaker in the distance
It’s time to let it all go
It’s time to let it burn

Let me fade into grey, let me, please, step back into the womb 
To be deaf to the screaming of memories
A kiss to the stone, I shall disappear alone in this tomb
dead flesh for dreams to engrave and sound indistinctly in time
Decompose – Recompose
Now and forever, my genesis burns
Trace the jawline of the snake who spits and bites and folds 
preaching the unknown
Coils like walls softening white noise
I'm into him and he's in me
Like tape across my mouth it shuts my voice
He whispers glowing stories of what's to come
Coils like walls like coils


Hideous Divinity

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