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Published :  10.01.20   14341
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Guitar sensation, Jason Kui, walks you through a track off his latest album, NAKA. Guest solo by Andy James.

NAKA is a diverse and exciting collection of songs that show off his eclectic prowess. His travels as a sought-after session musician have inspired his writing process for NAKA and his broader musical journey.

“Pixel Invasion is an homage to 80’s-early 90’s video games. There is a strong gaming vibe to it - it has exhilarating riffs and catchy melodies, assisted by Anup Sastry’s intensive drumming and mixing skills, it boosts the energy to the max. Last but not least, I invited the mighty Andy James to play a ripping guitar solo.”

Embracing elements of modern metal, hard rock - and of course, never shying away from a ballad - Jason showcases an extraordinary talent and understanding of his craft. Taking his cues from masters in the field such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, he has the ability to bring his distinctive guitar-led music to a new generation of fans.


Jason Kui

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