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Jim Peterik & World Stage - Tigress ft. Kate French, Jennifer Batten, & Abigail Stahlschmidt - Video

Published :  15.11.21   20588
From the album "Tigress: Women Who Rock The World". Buy or Stream: https://orcd.co/tigressrock | Subscribe To Frontiers Music Srl: http://radi.al/SubscribeFrontiers

Video by Wayne Joyner. http://www.waynejoyner.com

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to present the latest stroke of musical genius from the inimitable Jim Peterik: Jim Peterik & World Stage "Tigress: Women Who Rock The World".

The concept behind "Tigress: Women Who Rock The World" is that Jim wanted to showcase women in music whom he admires. The seeds for the album were planted in late 2020 when Serafino Perugino, President and Head of A&R for Frontiers, reached out to Peterik to see if he wanted to start work on a new World Stage album. A light bulb went on in Jim's head and he said "Ya know, Serafino, how about a Women's World Stage album?" They both loved the idea right off the bat and thus the initial steps for the album began.

Peterik has always loved a musical challenge and pursuing new ideas and the fresh idea for this album really inspired him. He made a wishlist of artists he wanted to work with and began crafting musical ideas that could work for their styles. In Jim's words, "I discovered that I needed to write songs that reflected the female perspective more than the male. It was gratifying when talented women from all over the world, heroes of mine such as Janet Gardner (ex-Vixen), Cathy Richardson (Jefferson Starship), Jennifer Batten, Mindi Abair, Kate French, Kimi Hayes, Chez Kane, Rosa Laricchiuta (Black Rose Maze, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), and so many others gave me the big thumbs up! Up-and-comers like Lindsay Kent, Leslie Hunt, Chloe Lowery, Marine Lacoste, and so many others all added their unique personalities to make this a landmark album in my career."

The full list of performers on the album can be seen in the tracklisting below.

"I hope you enjoy Tigress: Women Who Rock The World" as much as I enjoyed creating it. Much love and Rock & Roll!" concludes Peterik.


1. Tigress - Kate French - Jennifer Batten - Abigail Stahlschmidt (Violin)
2. Prom Night In Pontiac - Chloe Lowery - Anika Nilles (Drums) - Ashley Reeve (Bass)
3. A Cappella - Chez Kane
4. Living For The Moment - Cathy Richardson - Jennifer Batten - Linda Mcdonald (Drums)
5. Against The Grain - Rosa Laricchiuta
6. Strong Against The Wind - Kate French
7. Full Moon Crazy - Cathy Richardson - Jennifer Batten
8. Lazarus Heart - Janet Gardner
9. Taller - Leslie Hunt
10. The Best In Us - Cathy Richardson - Kimi Hayes
11. Dear Life - Lindsay Kent – Sina (Drums)
12. Walk Like Royalty - Kimi Hayes - Nile Brosh (Guitar)
13. Music In The Air - Chloe Lowery
14. Sin To Believe A Lie - Cathy Richardson - Madden Klas (Drums)
15. Stronger At The Broken Places - Marine Lacoste - Jennifer Batten - Linda Mcdonald (Drums)
16. Brave Is Beautiful - Leslie Hunt - Mindi Abair (Sax And Harmony Vocal)


+Ed Breckenfeld - Drums: Tigress, Music In The Aire, Brave Is Beautiful, Against The Grain, Full Moon Crazy, Taller, Lazarus Heart, A Cappella
+Mike Aquino - Additional Guitar: Prom Night In Pontiac, Dear Life, Taller, Lazarus Heart, A Cappella, Against The Grain
+Joel Hoekstra - Additional Guitar: Strong Against The Wind, Music In The Aire, Sin To Believe A Lie
+Colin Peterik - Drums: The Best In Us
+Scott May - B3: Stronger At The Broken Places
+Tom Yankton - Additional Guitar: Full Moon Crazy
+Christian Cullen - Orchestration And Sound Design: Tigress
+Jim Peterik - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Additional Instruments: Against The Grain - Bass, Full Moon Crazy - Additional Guitar, Dear Life - Bass Synth And Bass Guitar, The Best In Us - Bass, Lazarus Heart - Mellotron


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Jim Peterik & World Stage

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