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LAKE OF TEARS - In wait and in worries (2021) // OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO // AFM Records

Published :  20.01.21   16882
Lake of Tears - In wait and in worries (2021) // IGT / Single // AFM Records
Taken from the album "Ominous", out January 22, 2021.
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Wistful and at the same time loaded with expectation, "In Wait and In Worries" presents itself as an epic intensification that
points to the approaching peripety casting its ominous shadows before . Album hit the streets 19th February 2021
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Music & lyrics by: Daniel Brennare
Produced by: Daniel Brennare
Mixed by: Christian Silver and Manne Engström
Mastered by: Christian Silver and Manne Engström
Video by: 12 Inch Media
I’m waiting out here for the morning breeze
The night has been long, it’s been hard to breathe
Looking for something, with nothing to see
Where are you now when I need you the most?
I need but a word in this night so close
I no longer remember the sound of your voice
How could you let me come here alone?
Leave me to wander this world of stone?
It shatters my dreams and it chills my bones
“5573 to station, the system is failing”
This will be my last transmission, the bond is breaking

There is no communication
There are no signals coming in
And there is no new direction
But it must be near to morning


Lake Of Tears

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