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LIFE OF AGONY - Black Heart (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Published :  04.10.19   alternative metal metal 13349

LIFE OF AGONY has released the official music video for the song "Black Heart" from the band's forthcoming concept record, "The Sound Of Scars", due on October 11 via Napalm.

On October 12, 1993, LIFE OF AGONY's iconic debut, "River Runs Red", was released. Hailed by Rolling Stone as "one of the greatest metal records of all time," it was an emotional concept album that focused on a troubled teenager's inability to cope with what seemed to be the worst week of his life. The album connected to a broken generation in a visceral way through its cathartic message and hard-hitting approach, and the band developed a cult-following in the process.

Twenty-six years later, practically to the day, LIFE OF AGONY will continue the story of "River Runs Red" with "The Sound Of Scars", acting as a "chapter two" to their groundbreaking album. On October 11, 2019, the band comes full circle and picks up exactly where their debut left off, revealing just what happened to the troubled boy through intense audio scenes.

Bassist Alan Robert said: "'The Sound Of Scars' feels like such a monumental moment in LIFE OF AGONY's story. On one hand, we've come full circle, continuing the concept of our 1993 debut 'River Runs Red', and on the other hand, we've reached new heights with the raw power of the sound and songwriting. We really cannot wait for fans to sink their teeth into this beast and take this emotional journey with us. This record is a monster."

"Sound Of Scars" track listing:

01. Prelude
02. Scars
03. Black Heart
04. Lay Down
05. Then
06. Empty Hole
07. My Way Out
08. Eliminate
09. Now
10. Once Below
11. Stone
12. Weight Of The World
13. When
14. I Surrender

"By far, this is the best LIFE OF AGONY record you've heard in years," explains guitarist Joey Z. "We really went back to our roots on this one and tapped into the mindset we had when we first started the band."

LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Mina Caputo told the Fargo, North Dakota radio station 95.9 KRFF about "The Sound Of Scars": "It's always exciting to release new music. Whether or not it gets the accolades is irrelevant in a sense, but I'm happy that everybody is extremely excited. Reaction so far has been mega... It's definitely, hands down, my favorite LIFE OF AGONY album ever... We went to Ashland, Oregon and spent some time tracking drums with Sylvia Massy. We're in the middle of the mountains. I love nature, but I am a city person. I've had my bits of living in the forest in Sweden; I've lived in Miami; I've lived in L.A. by the hills. I love nature, but gravity pulls me back always to the city. A city person being in the middle of Ashland, Oregon was very therapeutic. The process has been extremely rewarding, and we had a great time writing the music, locking ourselves up in the room with one another. We had a great time with Sylvia. We're trying to keep that vibration up."

LIFE OF AGONY will embark on the "The Sound Of Scars" world tour, beginning in England this October with DOYLE (of the MISFITS fame) and EVOLUTION EMPIRE supporting.


Life Of Agony

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