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Locket - All Out (Somewhere Sessions)

Published :  20.03.20   alternative rock metal post-rock progressive-rock psychedelic rock 15053
Locket - All Out (Somewhere Sessions)
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Directed and Filmed by JJ Sorensen
Recorded and Mixed by Cory Bergeron
Recorded LIVE on location at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah


So what’s a brother to do alone,
biting his tongue and nowhere to place his words?
There’s more than two sides when you’re gone and
you weren’t right to think that we’re both rightfully wrong.
Dip your feet in something unfamiliar.
Is there defeat where you once thought that all your ills had cures?
This is shifted,
sickness placed upon your shaky health,
displayed like trophies on a shelf.
Yeah I cheated,
yeah I stole,
I killed something beautiful.
Selfishness for selfless sake,
the less I give the more I take.
For every lie that I had told,
is one more half-truth that I sold.
It’s nothing to be too proud about,
but here I am,
now it’s all out.
It’s nothing to be too proud about,
but we’re still here and it’s all out.

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