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Locket - Even If It Kills Me

Published :  26.10.19   alternative rock metal post-rock progressive-rock psychedelic rock 13732
From the album 'All Out' – Available Now
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Float down this stream, take in all the pieces you find.
Sink in to me, fill up your lungs until your breath becomes mine.
Take it in, slow it down, retrace your steps and start it all again.
I tried to live down in the dark with nothing else left to give.
But when my mind lit up and turned it all around it felt like burning alive
and never making a sound.
Treated like a true crime, this true love that I call mine.
Is it too good to be true, even with you?
To get dragged down by a rope and hope to god I’d fucking choke.
To sink into myself, and nobody else.
Take it in, slow it down, retrace your steps and start it all again. If we take a look inside,
At all the things that could be, the things you think that should be,
I’d hope to dive in fully blind, even if it kills me.
Don’t let go my friend. Don’t lose control ever again (but instead),
let your heartbeat through your ears each time you shout.
When you know something you don’t want to know about.
So you take my words and you throw them all away.
Only to throw yours back, relax and have you say
“I can’t sleep with my head on the floorboards,
nothing in me really wants to be here anymore.”
Take your time and learn to be okay.
I hope you take your time, and learn to be okay, and sink into me.



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