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LORD OF THE LOST - Viva Vendetta (Trve Western Version) | Napalm Records

Published :  03.11.21   20002
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Chris Harms on the new version:
“As we are confronted with more and more hate on the internet that comes with our increasing success, we see more often that we are ‘too dark’ for the rock scene, ‘too colorful’ for the gothic scene and ‘not hard enough’ for the metal scene. We’re told we look way ‘too gay’ and are ‘not true', whatever that means. We love to dance between the chairs, and will never voluntarily sit in just one of them, ergo that's perfectly fine for us. As is so often the case, things get rolling for us spontaneously through crazy ideas. During an extremely entertaining discussion about the dusty meaning of 'trueness', we realized that there is nothing 'truer' for a western video than an authentic-sounding western soundtrack variant of the song. And so, we spared no expense or effort, and with extreme attention to detail, created the TRVE WESTERN VERSION of “Viva Vendetta“.“

Directed and Edited by:
Matteo vDiva Fabbiani & Chiara Cerami for vdpictures.ch


The Hermit
Karl Chopwood

The Preacher
Jeffrey Dirgewood

The Bartender
Christian Lordwood

The Blacksmith
Claws Bangwood

The Sheriff
Pete Stiffwood

The Grumpy Cat

Additional Cameras:
Lennard Schmitt

Camillo Redecker
Richard Lerchl

Drone Operator:
Richard Lerchl

Swoosh Operator:
Kia Vixen

Set Photography & Making Of:
Lennard Schmitt

Matteo vDiva Fabbiani

Mayor & Set FX Supervisor:
Jack Hunter

Jim McLane

Relaxation Management:
Clit Eastwood

Chris & Pi

Filmed at:
Cowboy Club Old Texas, Berlin

Filmed in July 1871

„Viva Vendetta“
Music: Chris Harms / Rupert Keplinger
Lyrics: Anthony J. Brown / Chris Harms
Published by
Schubert Music Publishing
777songs / Schubert Music Publishing
Angry Dog Publishing

Produced by Chris Harms, Bengt Jaeschke & Benjamin Lawrenz
Mixed & Mastered by Benjamin Lawrenz & Chris Harms at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, Germany

Recorded, Engineered and Edited by:
Benjamin Mundigler, Henrik Petschull, Corvin Bahn, Bengt Jaeschke,
Benjamin Lawrenz, Daniel Möhrke, & LOTL

Further musicians on „Viva Vendetta“:
Rupert Keplinger: Additional Guitars
Gang Shouts: 386 lovely Losties from all around the universe
Intro Harmonica: Wolfgang Kahl
Outro Piano: Jeffrey Dirgewood

Official partners (in alphabetical order):
Ahead Armor Cases, Audix Microphones, Bleak World Clothing, Cyan Guitars, Cympad, Desert Igel, Duallist Pedals, DrumCandy, DrumCraft, EMP, Gamechanger Audio, Gibraltar Hardware, HearSafe, iZotope, JK Drum Systems, Kryolan, Line 6, Minoár Clothing, Orimono Clothing, Rohema, Roland, SPL, Thomann, Zultan Cymbals & Sticks, Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

(C) 2021 Napalm Records & Lord Of The Lost


Lord Of The Lost

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