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Mayday Parade - Golden Days (Acoustic)

Published :  03.11.21   20502
Hear Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade perform their acoustic version of "Golden Days". Pre-order their upcoming album 'What It Means To Fall Apart' - out 11/19 at https://riserecords.lnk.to/wimtfa

Come along with me, let’s try everything
Heaven knows this year’s been awful
And when we get dizzy we’ll lock up and we’ll sleep it off now inside my car
Because another couple weeks will leave a hole in me
I can feel it is growing already
If it’s true what they say about distance I think I could use some more
I’ve got a feeling if I don’t get a grip I will slip and fall completely under
I need a reason and I hope it’s legit to sing loud and from the heart
Because somewhere out there I see blue skies clear of the storm
Where the road is calling and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for
I know it’s somewhere out there
I’ll continue hopelessly looking for that spark
Cause I have gotten pretty used to the dark
The way down is way too hard to find
I know it’s somewhere out there

But I can’t remember anything
It’s just echoes and noise to me
Why’s it always on a Sunday when I feel it kick my soul
How many hours until the next one
The count starts to take its toll
And if I see you in the morning I’ll do my best to make you smile
And feel the fever when I hold you because I might be gone for awhile

Shot by Alex Bemis

#MaydayParade #GoldenDaysAcoustic #WhatItMeansToFallApart


Mayday Parade

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