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Mayday Parade - I Can't Do This Anymore

Published :  17.11.21   20609
Hear Mayday Parade's new single "I Can't Do This Anymore" from their new album 'What It Means To Fall Apart' - Out now. Listen now at https://riserecords.lnk.to/WIMTFA

Never gonna get it right
Always running out of time
Well I don’t mind
Every time I try and speak no ones even listening
I don’t mind
But I can’t escape it anymore
I’m alone in this
I can’t decipher what is real, maybe it’s all fake
Inside it almost feels like I’ve been here once before
And I can’t do this anymore
We were such a work of art
But every masterpiece falls apart
I don’t mind
If we go down in history
And we forget everything
I don’t mind

#MaydayParade #ICantDoThisAnymore #WhatItMeansToFallApart


Mayday Parade

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