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Mayday Parade - If My Ghosts Don't Play, I Don't Play

Published :  17.11.21   20610
Hear Mayday Parade's new single "If My Ghost Don't Play, I Don't Play" from their new album 'What It Means To Fall Apart' - Out now. Listen now at https://riserecords.lnk.to/WIMTFA

We’ve been running for so long
Is there a place where we belong
We paint the town in shades of gray and call it home
Always standing on the out
Just a shadow in the crowd
We found escape inside the sound of it all
There’s a feeling I can’t shake
Like something standing in the way
And I can’t seem to keep it straight anymore
God, so this is all that’s left of me

A ghost that’s cursed to never leave
I feel so lostand out of reach from everyone
Hold your head up high and you will never be alone
We will walk this world together
Just take my hand and we will march as one
And we don’t need a reason
No longer in the shadows
We will never walk alone
And I know you’ve felt the same
Like there’s a fire in our veins
We’ve been standing in the flames burning bright
Yeah, and they say we might be damned
But they will never understand
So come on and take my hand and I will lead
Hey, broken heart
I can show you how it starts to get better when we come together
Under heavy eyes
Every word we will all sing together
Keep marching forever

#MaydayParade #IfMyGhostsDontPlayIDontPlay #WhatItMeansToFallApart


Mayday Parade

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