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Mayday Parade - You Not Me

Published :  17.11.21   20611
Hear Mayday Parade's new single "You Not Me" from their new album 'What It Means To Fall Apart' - Out now. Listen now at https://riserecords.lnk.to/WIMTFA

Behold the ghost of winters past
Sunday mornings never last
They just float away, but something still remains
I felt its warmth, I heard its laugh
I saw the mark drawn on its back
Do I make it something to eat
When all I want is for it to leave me alone
Disposable love
Enough is enough
So how do I make you leave
Baby I swear its you not me
Maybe I’m a little burned and need something more than you
Oh, I know, how shallow of me
With all that plastic in the sea
They say the Earth is dying
What good is all my crying

Disposable love
Enough is enough
Maybe it’s time we cut this off
Disposable love
Enough is enough
I’m useless with or without this headache

#MaydayParade #YouNotMe #WhatItMeansToFallApart


Mayday Parade

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