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MAYHEM - Of Worms and Ruins (Lyric Video)

Published :  27.09.19   black metal metal 13211
MAYHEM - Of Worms and Ruins (Lyric Video). Taken from the album "Daemon", out October 25th, 2019. Order now: https://MayhemBand.lnk.to/DaemonID

Video produced by: Costin Chiroeanu

Produced by: Tore Stjerna & Teloch
Mixed by: Tore Stjerna
Mastered By: Thomas Johansson

Music: Ghul
Lyrics: Ghul, arr. by Attila

Of Worms And Ruins

Deified decay
Prostrate and receive
Purified through waste
Baptised in disease

Horns of stench and tail of slime
Claws of fate and fang of time
Damp earth turns hope to death
Pulsating corpse feeds and shelters




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