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NOT A TOY - Drive Slow

Published :  07.08.20   16442
NOT A TOY - Drive Slow
Off the self-titled EP 'NOT A TOY' | Out Now
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Let me give you something you can bump girl
Records in the dash don’t touch it
Let it sink in you should
Just drive slow
Just drive slow
Just drive slow

They been yellin at each other in the backyard
You in trouble better get yo ass back here
Let it sink in you should
Just drive slow
Just drive slow
Just drive slow

All the petty worries feel fine now
Eyes down you been stepping out of line now
just give in
You should just drive slow
Another night sleeping at your friends house
Sometimes you gotta jump ship when it go south
Just pretend that we
Just drive slow
Just drive slow
Just drive slow

#NOTATOY #SlowDrive


Not A Toy

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