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Palisades - My Consequences (Official Music Video)

Published :  02.12.21   20673
Palisade's new single "My Consequences" is out now. Buy/stream at https://riserecords.lnk.to/myconsequences

I hope I’m buried with my enemies
10 feet below the concrete
I think I might’ve hit the deadline
I’m so close to death I can taste it
I’m writing letters to explain my reason
To all my friends and my family
I hope I made a difference
Don’t cut me up
Don’t let me burn

I lied, I tried
Now I’m lost I’m never coming back
I pry my mind
No one else can save me
If this is how it is, that’s fine
Cover me up
I’ll soak in lime
I pry my mind
With my consequences

I know the solace that i try to seek
is somewhere between the dirt and me
I hope I find a sense of comfort
I’ll trade teeth for nails. Don’t wanna talk about it.
Don’t try to analyze my self inflictions
It’s clear to me that no one ever cared
I don’t do well under the pressure
I don’t expect you to understand

And now I see
Everything’s better when I’m 10 feet deep
You’ll see me change
When you do I hope you keep your distance

Director / Editor: Orie McGinness
Producer: Michael Taylor
Camera OP: Dana Willax
Grip/Gaff: Axia Serradimigni
Production Coordinator: Veronica Zin
PA: Lindsay Gorsen
PA: Megan Tilton

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