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PUP - SEE YOU AT YOUR FUNERAL (Official Music Video)

Published :  31.10.19   13842
Jeffrey Max as Jacko O’Ghoul
Shannon Coffey as Dr. Acula
Josh Fadem as Uncle Ricky O’Ghoul
Colleen Green as Paws
Trooper as Chop the Dog
Hackey Garbáge as Clockey O’Ghoul
Alec Robbins as Prom Date

Directed by Joe Stakun
Produced by Ryan Beck for Oui Productions
Production Design by Jon Gombas and Nick Logie AKA Spooky
Director of Photography Tyler Bradberry
Gaffer Emilio Marcelino
AC/DIT Ryan Alysworth
Second Unit Director of Photography Gilles O’Kane
Second Unit AC Evangeline Neuhart
Production Assistant Zach Calvello
Make Up by Ally Mcguillicutty
Makeup Assistant Cat Brisbin
Wardrobe by Abigail Whitney
Wardrobe Assistant Adriel Porter
Color Correction by Jordan Branch
Editing by Joe Stakun
Assistant Editing by Dan Colanduno
Pup 34 theme composed by David Lackner

Listen to + order 'Morbid Stuff’ out now: https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/MorbidStuff
Live dates: https://www.puptheband.com/#tour


The days blur into one and I float around the edge of them
Searching for something that’ll make me feel alive again
These past few weeks, in a hell of my own creation
I try vegan food, I take up meditation.

I hope you’re doing fine on your own
Coz after everything we’ve been through
You better hope
You’ll find someone, and you’ll try, but you won’t
Coz after everything we’ve been through
Oh baby, I wanna know:

What you were thinking when you saw me in the produce section
Buying organic food, making healthy selections
I asked you how you’ve been, not that it’s any of my business
But you know me I’ve always been a little masochistic

I hope somehow I never see you again
Or if I do it’s at your funeral or better yet
I hope the world explodes
I hope that we all die
We can watch the highlights in hell
I hope they’re televised

#pup #seeyouatyourfuneral #morbidstuff



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