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Revocation "Of Unworldly Origin" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Published :  10.07.18   8462
Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/revocation
Revocation "Of Unworldly Origin" from "The Outer Ones."

Directed by: David Brodsky and Dave Davidson
Produced by: Allison Woest and James Callahan
Production Company: MyGoodEye (www.mygoodeyenyc.com)
Edited by: Allison Woest and David Brodsky
Cameras: David Brodsky, Allison Woest and Mike Compitello
Asst Director: James Callahan
Grip/Electric: Robb Brown
Location: James Ferrarri
Practical Make Up Effects: Daniel Madden
Set Design: James Callahan and Kathryn McLane

Kathryn McLa...



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