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Stillbirth - "Revive the Throne" (Official Music Video)

Published :  02.07.20   16036
Artist: Stillbirth
Track: Revive the Throne
Album: Revive the Throne
Release Date: August 7th, 2020
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

Music & Lyrics written by: Lukas Swiaczny
Guitars & Vocals recorded by: Lukas Swiaczny
Drums recorded by: Martin Grupe
Bass-Guitars recorded by: Lukas Kaminski

Recordings & Mixing by: DPK Studios
Audio-Master by: Demigod Recordings
Drum editing: Daniel Luces
Video cut: Lukas Swiaczny
Video effect: Mariel Luis
Location: Helvete Pub in Oberhausen

Bandmembers Stillbirth 2020:
Lukas Swiaczny - Vocals
Simon Stürmlinger - Guitar
Jens Strack - Guitar
Dominik König - Bass Guitar
Lukas Kaminski - Bass Guitar
Martin Grupe - Drums

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Revive the Throne

born in a
ruthless environment
the rules are changing
day by day
a strategy
of living and survival
is stuffed deep beneath your head

never close your eyes
every moment of inattention
and your poor substistance
is on the precipies

radiation torn apart the evolutionary process
mutation spreads ahead the ongoing progress
every attempt to establish a society
will be shattered by the mutated variety

it's time for a new liberator
you are the chosen one, you are the terminator
the unknown king will revive the throne
and triumphantly rise up the crown

rise up the crown

domestication of the creatures from the woods
subordination of the apex predators
the new leader
is walking the path of destiny

back to the roots
into a neverseen form of monarchy
this is not a democracy anymore
no democracy

he came
to destroy all the wealth
and he won't leave
until you praise his name

divide and conquer
sow discord amongst the disbeliever
divide and conquer
spread disease amongst
the last insurgent

the darkness will reign and blind them all
allegiance bind them, if they don't fall
new decipleship render
homage to the conquere

it's time for a new liberator
you are the chosen one,
the terminator
the unknown king will revive the throne
and triumphantly rise up the crown

#stillbirth #uniqueleader #uniqueleaderrecords



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