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Published :  06.12.19   14055
SYLOSIS return with new track 'I Sever'. Order the new album Cycle of Suffering - out Feb 7th: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSuffering |

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Josh comments "After 3 long years, Sylosis are back! I want to thank all of our fans for their patience and support over these last few years. 'Cycle of Suffering' is dedicated to them.
With this new chapter, we close another; I’d like to thank Carl Parnell for his time in Sylosis. Many great memories made with him and I wish him the best in his career. Now we welcome Conor Marshall to Sylosis! Another man in another band (Conjurer) - Conor is an amazing player and compliments what we do really well. A warm welcome planned for 13th February where we play our first show in over 4 years! We’re excited and focussed – see you in 2020!"

I shed this skin like a weightless veil wrapped around a statue
I flooded the past to see what would surface
And there was nothing to hold onto
Familiar hands reached out to pull me to the ground
The knife in my back was the jewel in your crown

Misplaced dependancy
A slave to the anxiety
But distance doesn’t always make those faces fade
I am torn in two
Can’t distinguish the lies from truth
Cut through this world that I am attached to

Cohort to bane
I sever, I sever
Crooked reflection
Disposed to separate
Cohort to bane
I sever, I sever
Crooked reflection
I’ll cut the cord completely

Remnants of the past resound
Never to late to burn those bridges down

Here I now lay this to rest
Far thee well my ally
Feels like I may drift forever
Here I now lay this to rest
Fair thee well my ally
Feels like I may drift forever

Nuclear Blast: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSuffering
iTunes: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSufferingIT
Apple Music: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSufferingAM
Amazon: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSufferingAMZ
Google Play: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSufferingGP
Deezer: https://nblast.de/CycleOfSufferingDZ

PRE-SAVE & STREAM: http://nblast.de/SYLOSIScosPreSave

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Sylosis
YouTube: http://bit.ly/subs-sylsis-yt
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Sylosis
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sylosisofficial
Web: http://sylosis-band.com



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