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The Ocean - Phanerozoic I (Live In Bremen) (FULL ALBUM)

Published :  26.11.21   melodic metalcore metal metalcore post metal progressive metal Sludge 20513
The Ocean -Phanerozoic I (Live in Bremen). Stream it here: https://orcd.co/phanerozoic-live

01. The Cambrian Explosion (0:00)
02. Cambrian II (01:53)
03. Ordovicium (09:41)
04. Silurian (15:34)
05. Devonian (25:48)
06. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse (37:11)
07. Permian (40:39)

Mixed by Chris Edrich
Mastering by Atelier Mastering

#theocean #phanerozoic #progressivemetal


The Ocean

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