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YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS - No Prey, No Pay (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Published :  08.11.19   13858
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Out February 7th!

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS on the first single “No Prey, No Pay”:
“By the grace of God and King George’s arse! We are releasing a new video, and our next album is officially on the way! “No Prey, No Pay” sets the stage for the album and describes how times suddenly had become more difficult for those sailing under the black flag. More than ever, piracy had become a hazardous task, many times with the sole purpose of getting enough value to guarantee a decent meal for a couple of days.”

Producer & Light design: Jonas Nimrodsson
DOP: Tomas Olsson
Line Producer: Björn Malmros
Script, Editing & Color grade: Jens Tzan Choong
Production Design: Peter Mollwing
Concept: Anders Nyberg
Second unit DOP: Kenneth Ly
Production assistent: Simon Brändström
Animals on set: Simon Sundberg
Actors/Extras: Johannes Mattsson, Jonatan Eriksson



Ye Banished Privateers

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