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Dmc Teaser   (New-York)

#4123 Dmc  Teaser
Darryl McDaniels or "DMC" as most of the world knows him, first made his start in the music business as one th...

Disciples Of Verity

#4080 Disciples Of Verity
A New brand of Heavy Vocals - Corey Glover Bass - George PondDrums - Corey PierceGuitars - Greg Antine...

Rings Of Saturn   (Bay Area)

#1762 Rings Of Saturn
RINGS OF SATURN is an internationally touring band based out of California where their founding member, Lucas Mann, resi...

Eat Your Heart Out   (Newcastle)

#1430 Eat Your Heart Out
Newcastle, Australia 5-piece, Eat Your Heart Out, injects a fresh, energetic burst of flair into today’s alternati...

One Word   (Vevey)

#1160 One Word

Pyogenesis   (Stuttgart)

#1140 Pyogenesis

My enemies & I   (Richmond)

#1065 My enemies & I
Finding their sound in an explosive outpour of ominous and unapologetic lyrical aggression, My Enemies & I - Jeff Hill (...

In this moment   (Hollywood)

#1039 In this moment
In This Moment is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed by singer Maria Brink...

Dead Dog Cafe   (Genève)

#983 Dead Dog Cafe

Unphased   (Lausanne)

#949 Unphased

Buried Souls   (Lausanne)

#931 Buried Souls

Mandroïd of Krypton   (Genève)

#929 Mandroïd of Krypton
Mandroid of Krypton is a punk metal power trio whose ship crashed in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2010 and has never been abl...

Last Legion   (New York)

#921 Last Legion
Merging massive dueling guitars and epic lyrics infused with Norse mythology, LAST LEGION melds technical melodic riffs ...

Worwyk   (Chicago)

#873 Worwyk
Worwyk (pron. war-wick) plays true heavy metal combining melodic, semi-technical riffs with scorching solos and both cle...

Morbid Saint   (Sheboygan)

#875 Morbid Saint
MORBID SAINT is an American thrash metal band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. After an extended hiatus, Morbid Saint is back ...

WILD DOGS   (Portland)

Wild Dogs is an American heavy metal band from Portland, Oregon, formed loosely in 1981 by original members Jeff Mark, D...

Crillson   (Glennallen)

#877 Crillson
The Hard Rock Band CRILLSON was formed in Glennallen, Alaska in 1984. The name CRILLSON was created by founding members:...

5 Days To Die   (Macaé)

#730 5 Days To Die
Formed at the end of 2013, the 5 Days To Die launched through a lyric video your first single, "Pesadelo". The music was...

Black Space Riders   (Muerten)

#728 Black Space Riders
Heavy, psychedelic, hypnotic, metalic, acid, groovy SPACE-ROCK from far beyond....

Blood Bound   (Zurich)

#696 Blood Bound
Blood Bound was founded in late 2011. It features Members out of formerly well known Bands such as "Ex- ortation", "Die ...

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