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The Sullen   (Athen)

#4100 The Sullen
Formed out of the ashes of his previous band "Final Words of Sorrow", The Sullen wascreated by Petros "El...

Marduk   (Norrköping)

#2915 Marduk

Darkthrone   (Kolbotn)

#2895 Darkthrone
Formed '87. 1993 only two members left in the band, still going hard....

Carpathian Forest   (Østlandet)

#2871 Carpathian Forest
Nattefrost : Vocals / Guitar/NoiseMalphas: Guitar Gamle Erik: GuitarSlakt: BassAudun: Battery...

Luciferian Rites   (Nuevo Laredo)

#2859 Luciferian Rites

Svartidauði   (Kópavogur)

#2839 Svartidauði

Tsjuder   (Oslo)

#2817 Tsjuder

Nocturnal Graves   (Melbourne)

#2702 Nocturnal Graves
J. - Bass/VoxShrapnel - Lead/Rhythm AxeDecaylust - Lead/Rhythm AxeL.W. - Hammers...

Wiegedood   (Kortrijk)

#2692 Wiegedood

Glorior Belli   (Paris)

#2659 Glorior Belli
GLORIOR BELLI crept out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002. What started as a notorious duo soon b...

Pentagram   (Washington)

#2543 Pentagram
Bobby Liebling & PENTAGRAM have been churning out widely admired hard rock / doom metal for over four decades. Withi...

Cloak   (Atlanta)

#2135 Cloak
Four hungry souls from Atlanta, GA. -"The Burning Dawn" out October 25th on SEASON OF MIST.CLOAK is back with ...

Perihelion   (Debrecen)

#2087 Perihelion
Gyula Vasvári - vocals and guitarsBarna Katonka - drumsBalázs Hubicska - guitarsVárkoly Tamá...

Vihamieli   (Helsinki)

#1921 Vihamieli
Through the blood of treacherous king. Through the flesh of ancient beast. Through the stars of the universe. Through th...

Necrophor   (Stockholm)

#1898 Necrophor
Swedish group Necrophor was founded with the purpose to spread “The Word of Chaos” by Henrik Eriksson in late 2012. ...

Samael   (Sion)

#1897 Samael
S A M A E L existed long before brothers Vorphalack and Xytraguptor began turning gears in a bunker on the 14th of July ...

Helvetestromb   (Stockholm)

#1864 Helvetestromb
Helvetestromb was formed in 2010, back then under the name Skoll. During a drinking binge, three of the original four me...

Myrkur   (Copenhagen)

#1801 Myrkur

Funeral Storm   (Athens)

#1697 Funeral Storm

Varathron   (Athens)

#1696 Varathron

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