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Árstíðir   (Reykjavík)

#2532 Árstíðir
Daníel Auðunsson ‐ Guitar, vocalsGunnar Már Jakobsson ‐ Guitar, baritone guitar, vocalsKarl James ...

Ensiferum   (Helsinki)

#2006 Ensiferum

Mongol   (Edmonton)

#1814 Mongol
Forged in the frozen bowels of Edmonton, Alberta, the folk metal act, Mongol pays homage to the Mongolian Empire of old....

Netherfell   (Kraków)

#1740 Netherfell

Wind Rose   (Pisa)

#1644 Wind Rose
Wind Rose is a Folk/Power Metal Band born in Italy in 2009. In 2010 the band released an EP under the production of Cri...

Tengger Cavalry   (New York)

#1490 Tengger Cavalry

Chrysilia   (Athens)

#1390 Chrysilia

Arkona   (Moscow)

#1083 Arkona
The beginnings of ARKONA date back to 2002, when members of local pagan community "Vyatichi", Masha "Scream" Arhipova an...

Istarian   (Lausanne)

#964 Istarian

Harmoniks   (Lausanne)

#947 Harmoniks
Barzh (Vocals) // Gazor (Drum) // Vidar (Guitar) // Skalter (Keyboard) // Wigh (Guitar) // Hägen (Bass)...

Battle Tales   (Genève)

#946 Battle Tales
Young folk metal band from Switzerland, gathered to tell you grim and bloody tales in an epic and melodic way....

Morgarten   (Neuchâtel)

#739 Morgarten
Welcome on the official Facebook page of MORGARTEN (Swiss Folk Black Metal)...

Trollort   (Monthey)

#392 Trollort

Caladmor   (Zurich)

#300 Caladmor
CALADMOR is born from the band Pale which was founded in 2001. The meaning of the name – “dark light” – is a sig...

Delion   (Genève)

#100 Delion
Delion was founded in 2010 by Jimmy (vocals), Jason (keyboards) and Sylvain (drums). They will later be joined by a gui...

Abinchova   (Luzern)

#72 Abinchova
PAGAN METAL FROM LUCERNE Heartfelt folk metal is the prime priority of the seven musicians of Abinchova. Melodic f...

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