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War Torn- Strength Betrayed   (Dunn NC)

#4072 War Torn- Strength Betrayed
Strength Betrayed was formed 2014 with band members Taylor (Drummer), Jacob (Lead Guitar), Seth...

Refuge   (Herne)

#2884 Refuge
Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt, Christos Efthimiadis...

Manowar   (Auburn)

#2864 Manowar
Eric Adams - Vocals Donnie Hamzik - Drums, PercussionKarl Logan - Guitars, KeyboardsJoey DeMaio - Bass Guitars, Key...

Ross The Boss   (New York)

#2805 Ross The Boss
Ross "The Boss" FriedmanAs a child growing up in New York City, Ross “The Boss” Friedman showed gr...

Anthrax   (New-York)

#2762 Anthrax

Tremonti   (Orland)

#2637 Tremonti

Primordial   (Skerries)

#2596 Primordial
AA Nemtheanga (Alan Averill) - VocalsCiarán MacUilliam - GuitarMichael O'Floinn - GuitarPól MacAmlaigh...

Corroded   (Ånge)

#1824 Corroded

Helligators   (Roma)

#1662 Helligators
Gli Helligators nascono a Roma alla fine del 2009. Nel 2011 pubblicano il loro primo full lenght “Against All Odds”...

W.a.s.p.   (Los Angeles)

#1622 W.a.s.p.
Blackie Lawless - Vocals, Guitarist Mike Duda - Bass Guitar Doug Blair - Lead Guitar ...

Sworn In   (Grayslake)

#1620 Sworn In

Armored Dawn   (São Paulo)

#1583 Armored Dawn
Band formed in 2014 in São Paulo. It has already played in the Brazilian main capitals, and supported bands as Megadeth...

Scala Mercalli   (Fermo)

#1519 Scala Mercalli

Warwan   (New Delhi)

#1470 Warwan

Royal Hunt   (Copenhagen)

#1429 Royal Hunt

Westhia   (Asturia)

#1427 Westhia

Helker   (Buenos Aires)

#1410 Helker

Cirith Ungol   (Ventura)

#1405 Cirith Ungol

Kras   (Jakarta)

#1398 Kras

Necromancing the stone   (Waterford)

#1253 Necromancing the stone
Prepare thyselves, mortals of The Earth, for the end is truly nigh. You've seen the signs: deadly plagues, wars, fam...

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