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Dispositions   (Fort Worth)

#4096 Dispositions
Dispositions started out in 2015 as an internet project by guitarist, Ethan Massey. Soon after finding band members, Dis...

Versus Me   (Janesville)

#4074 Versus Me
VERSUS ME, from Janesville, Wisconsin is a band for today’s subcultural and mainstream pop crowds alike. They have...

Arrival Of Autumn   (Grande Praire)

#3578 Arrival Of Autumn
Born and raised in the tiny city of Grande Prairie, the musicians grew up “300 miles from the nearest internationa...

Black Light   (Ferrara)

#2980 Black Light
Black Light is a Metalcore band from Ferrara, Italy, formed in 2012. In the early times, their music gravitated from an ...

The Word Alive   (Arizona)

#2829 The Word Alive

Bleed From Within   (Hamilton)

#2599 Bleed From Within

While My City Burns   (Reykjavík)

#2203 While My City Burns
Gauti Hreinsson : VocalsAlexander Glói Pétursson : Guitar ,VocalsÚlfar Alexander Úlfarsson :...

Make Them Suffer   (Perth)

#1796 Make Them Suffer

Miss May I   (Troy)

#1625 Miss May I
Levi Benton - vocals/lyrics Ryan Neff - bass/vocals BJ Stead - guitar Justin Aufdemkampe - guitar Jerod Boyd - drums ...

Secret Of Dahlia   (kuala lumpur)

#1572 Secret Of Dahlia

Victory or victory   (Rio de Janeiro)

#1072 Victory or victory
Metalcore/Post HC/Eletrocore...

City Beyond The Ocean   (Genève)

#967 City Beyond The Ocean

A Life Forsaken   (Toronto)

#956 A Life Forsaken

Circle Of Execution   (Monthey)

#951 Circle Of Execution
Circle Of Execution is a metalcore band based in Monthey, Switzerland. Established in 2006 by 2 guitarists and a drummer...

Stud Hit   (Noiraigue)

#938 Stud Hit
Stud Hit's History: A metal band in Neuchatel? Yes! We all come from the canton of Neuchatel in Switzerland and we ar...

Crossfaith   (Osaka)

#906 Crossfaith
Crossfaith was formed in November of 2006 and the current lineup is Vocal/ Koie, Gt/ Kazuki, Ba/ Hiroki, Dr/Tatsu, Progr...

Mirror of God   (Taguatinga)

#726 Mirror of God
Banda de Taguatinga, Distrito Federal, formada no início de 2014. As influências da band vão desde o Metalcore/deathc...

Way Of Changes   (Lausanne)

#682 Way Of Changes
Official page of Swiss metalcore band Way Of Changes....

Demise Of An Era   (Göteborg)

#635 Demise Of An Era
DEMISE OF AN ERA is a metalcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They started their journey to fame in September, 2012. W...

Fallout Nine   (Luzern)

#544 Fallout Nine
Fallout Nine ist eine im Juni 2009 unter dem Namen The Condition gegründete Metalcore Band aus Meggen, Luzern. Die...

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