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Rattus   (Vilppula)

#2821 Rattus

Avoid   (Bom Despacho)

#1532 Avoid

Flogging Molly   (Los Angeles)

#1526 Flogging Molly

Ellegarden   (Chiba)

#1389 Ellegarden

Wednesday 13   (Lexington)

#1371 Wednesday 13

Ultimo Sobreviviente   (Guamala)

#917 Ultimo Sobreviviente

Disfear   (Stockholms)

#865 Disfear
Time marches on, but the sound originated by four blokes from Stoke-upon-Blighty continues to inspire legions of pissed-...

Allys Fate   (Brig)

#678 Allys Fate
Punkrock since 2010...

Futuro/B.U.S.H.   (Sao Paulo)

#666 Futuro/B.U.S.H.
Punk from Sao Paulo....

The Black Coffins   (Sao Paulo)

#665 The Black Coffins
Awaken from a shallow grave in Brazil during 2011's summer, the band soon put out their first release, the Bvrial Bleed ...

Cidade Cemitério   (Brasília)

#664 Cidade Cemitério
ruas largas, sem calçadas - ou com calçadas mal conservadas e que parecem desenhadas em pranchetas no andar mais alto ...

Signs of Misfortune   (Genève)

#163 Signs of Misfortune
Signs of Misfortune, du swiss-made Punk-Hardcore comme on n'en fait plus... ou pas encore! Ces quatre Genevois, Jay, The...

Hateful monday   (Genève)

#159 Hateful monday
We're a punk band from Geneva in Switzerland... Been playing since 1998 and still running......

The Chikitas   (Genève)

#13 The Chikitas
Lynn Maring (Guitar/ Vocals) and Saskia Fuertes (Drums / Vocals) founded their duo called "The Chikitas" in 2011 back in...

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